The ultimate guide to unlocking your Brand's full potential.

You are a senior if you have the budget to invest in getting some real help but want more than some entry-level part-time employee can provide. You want knowledge and experience from someone that has been doing this for decades. You need expert advice from one of the foremost branding experts in the country - but don’t want to pay to hire a whole agency.

Does this sound familiar?
You need to get the social media monkey off your back.
You want to take some classes to learn more about how to do it better.
You aren’t sure how to build your brand.
You need a little help figuring out your target audience.
You want to find a way to tell people how your company is special.
You want to craft the messages that will connect.
You are not sure where to put your messages.
You just want to learn how to do it better.
You need a guide to make it just a little bit easier.
You want help with public relations, marketing, direct mail, and more.
But mostly you need a trusted advisor.  An expert who’s done it for hundred of companies and can do it for you.

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Senior Access includes:

    •   Brand Builder Course
    •   Ultimate Guide to Building Your Brand
    •   30 days of social media posts
    •   2x/month Live Q&A with Jaci
    •   VIP Facebook group membership
    •   Monthly Branding Guide
    •   Monthly Marketing Strategy Guide
    •   Monthly Social Media Analysis  
    •   Monthly Social Media Competitor Report
    •   Unlimited Access to Jaci’s Training Library  
    •   Monthly Coaching Call with Jaci 

Jaci Russo
Your instructor, Jaci Russo, has over 25 years of knowledge and experience as a brand strategist and she wants to see you succeed. Through Brand State U's Senior access, Jaci gives you the tools you need to unlock your brand's full potential. 

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"Jaci is one of the most knowledgeable people I have met when it comes to marketing and branding. She is very well informed and has great ideas. Not to mention she is a fascinating person to have a conversation with. Her passion for what she does is evident."

Blaze Inzina

Blaze Inzina Injury Attorneys

"Jaci has been an essential mentor for our small businesses! Her branding class helps the entrepreneurs we work with to clarify their branding is and is not, allowing them to define their companies' identity so that they can set themselves apart from the competition."

Destin Ortego

Opportunity Machine

"When it comes to Branding, no one is better than Jaci Russo! She is an absolute Ninja! I have attended a few of her classes and every time I walked away with insights no one else is providing! Her content is cutting edge and industry will have more ideas than you can implement!"
Nick Hundly

EXP Realty