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As a member of Brand State U, you'll be able to…
  •   Learn how to target your ideal best audience
  •   Communicate why your company is the best choice over your competitors
  •   Develop messaging that connects with your target audience
  •   Determine which elements of your marketing efforts work or need help
  •   Build a strategic brand plan to grow your business
  •   Avoid making the same mistakes that cost other small businesses thousands of dollars
  •   Utilize the tools, tips, and tricks to make your job easier
  •   Connect with a community of marketers for support and shared experiences
  •   Access the knowledge and experience that I have used to help hundreds of companies, just like yours, become more profitable

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Per Month (Paid annually)

  • 30 days social media prompts each month
  • 30 days content creation prompts each month
  • Marketing book synopsis
  • Submit a question per week to Jaci & her team 
  • VIP FB group membership

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Per Month

Everything in Freshman+
  • Unlock 1 Training Course per month
  • 2 monthly live strategy sessions with Jaci

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Per Month

Everything in Soph+
  • Unlock 2 Training Courses per month

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Per Month (limited number remaining)

Everything in Junior+
  • Monthly Social Media Analysis  
  • Monthly Social Media Competitor Report
  • Unlimited Access to Jaci’s Training Library
  • 1 personal strategic coaching call per month with Jaci

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So, What Exactly Is Included In The Brand State U Club?
Select your grade level based on your needs and budget to receive the following:

New Monthly Content
Each month I create new courses that deep dive into what is working and what isn’t. You'll watch over my shoulder as I walk you through branding, marketing, advertising, digital strategies, email, public relations, social media, and so much more.  

Monthly Guides
Each month you will receive 30 days of prompts in the areas of social media,  blog, public relations, marketing, advertising, email campaigns, CRM  management, content creation, and more. These are the kits you need to help you figure out how to make your job easier and come up with new  ideas for your brand building.

LIVE Coaching Calls Every Month
Access to our monthly members-only "Live Coaching Calls"... Join me and my  team of experts for a live Q&A session, answering any questions you have about branding and business. These calls are a powerful time for connection and clarity, as you - and a group of likeminded, committed  Marketers- spend an hour building your brand together!

Access To Our World Class Course Library
As long as you remain inside the BSU Club, you'll be able to unlock a new world-class training course every month (over a dozen to choose from, each valued at $795+) These cover everything you need to build your  business including Mindset, SWOT Analysis, Building a Brand, Mission, Vision, Culture & Values, Target Audience Perceptions, Identity Your Prospect's Pain Points, Determine Your Target Audience, Demographics, Psychographics, Personality Profiles, Why Should They Choose You, What Message Will Connect, Differentiate to Dominate, and Trade Show Innovation.

Join The BSU Student Union Facebook Group
The BSU Student Union Facebook Group is an exclusive private group for  those participating in the Brand State U Club. This is the perfect place to discuss your progress in the monthly projects, and to celebrate your  wins! You'll make life-long friends and be able to be cheered on in your role as a marketer. Share your challenges with others going through the same experience.

Social Media Reports
Receive a monthly report analyzing your social media profiles, posts, engagement, gained followers, and most importantly an analysis of what your competitors did (good and bad) throughout the previous month.   (Available to Senior level only)

Personal Coaching
Let’s jump on a call together each month to talk about your specific challenges and brainstorm ways to do it better. You bring an issue and  I’ll bring a solution based on 20+ years of working with hundreds of clients that have had that same problem. You don’t have to figure it out all by yourself. I’ll give you personal support to get to a better solution faster. (Available to Senior level only)

Become an Affiliate 

In becoming an affiliate, you become an advocate for Brand State U. You receive 25% anytime someone uses your link to become a BSU member. This is such an easy way to make money that you can use to invest back into yourself and your brand.