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Get a Brand Strategist is your ally in the dynamic world of branding and marketing.

BSU Brand Strategist

Having a Brand Strategist is your ally in the dynamic world of branding and marketing. Designed with small business owners in mind, our service offers a monthly touchpoint to evaluate, refine, and propel your branding and marketing efforts forward.  We use the BSU Reviews as a jumping-off point to guide you toward the implementation of the recommended improvements.

As your Brand Strategist, we provide expert insights and tailored advice that aligns with your business objectives. Our approachable branding experts partner with you to review your pinpoint opportunities for enhancement and devise actionable strategies to bolster your brand's resonance and reach. 

What's Included in the Brand Strategist Package:

Monthly Consultation Sessions:

One-hour monthly Zoom sessions to discuss developments, objectives, and strategic adjustments.

A collaborative environment to share and refine new ideas. 

Customized Actionable Strategies:

Practical, step-by-step guidance to implement branding and marketing improvements.

Suggestions tailored to both digital and traditional marketing avenues. 

Performance Monitoring: 

A review of key metrics and analytics to gauge the success of your strategies.

Regular reporting to track progress and return on investment. 

Monthly Marketing Course: 

A curated monthly course designed to enhance your marketing skills and knowledge.

Actionable content that you can apply directly to your business for immediate results. 

Branding Toolkit Access: 

Templates, guides, and industry best practices at your fingertips.

A selection of articles, case studies, and updates on the latest marketing trends. 

Ongoing Support:

Continuous support via email or chat for those quick questions or moments of need.

Accountability check-ins to help maintain momentum toward your branding objectives. 

Future Events:

Priority registration for future events.

Generous discounts for Brand State U events 

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By having a Brand Strategist, you're not just getting info you could find on Google; you're getting someone with specific insights and experience to help you grow your brand and succeed month after month.

Jaci Russo
Your instructor, Jaci Russo, has over 25 years of knowledge and experience as a brand strategist and she wants to see you succeed. Through Brand State U's membership, Jaci helps you take your brand to the next level.

Brand Strategist Membership

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"Jaci is one of the most knowledgeable people I have met when it comes to marketing and branding. She is very well informed and has great ideas. Not to mention she is a fascinating person to have a conversation with. Her passion for what she does is evident."
Blaze Inzina

Blaze Inzina Injury Attorneys

"Jaci has been an essential mentor for our small businesses! Her branding class helps the entrepreneurs we work with to clarify their branding is and is not, allowing them to define their companies' identity so that they can set themselves apart from the competition."
Destin Ortego

Opportunity Machine

"When it comes to Branding, no one is better than Jaci Russo! She is an absolute Ninja! I have attended a few of her classes and every time I walked away with insights no one else is providing! Her content is cutting edge and industry will have more ideas than you  can implement!"
Nick Hundly

EXP Realty