Digital Parenting: Protect Your Kids Online

Social media can be a very dangerous place, especially for your kids. There are the big problems that make the nightly news - cyberbullying, addiction, and online predators - as well as the everyday issues of self-esteem, cruelty, and self-absorption.

Although scientists are still measuring all of the damage that social media use is causing, anxiety, depression, and suicide are on the rise.


According to Common Sense Media, 8-12 year olds are spending an average of 6 hours per day online and teens are spending an astonishing average of nine hours a day online. 

Even with all of the documented problems that social media use is causing, most parents are letting their kids hang out online without supervision. 

Often, those kids are on social media sites that they aren’t even old enough to use (minimum age is 13 on all of those sites).

Social media has become an unchaperoned playground where kids are left to their own devices and show the worst side of themselves from behind a screen.

You have to intervene now to protect your kids. You may think it’s too late because your kids are already running rogue on social media and you feel like it’s a lost cause,’s not. Act now to prevent any further damage.

The stats speak for themselves: 

  • 88% of teens have seen someone be mean or cruel to another person on a social networking site. 
  • Sexual assault cases related to social media sites has increased by 300%.
  • 22% of teens lost a friendship with someone due to actions on social media sites. 
  • Sex crimes against a minor involve a social networking site 50% of the time and the social networking site was used to initiate the relationship.
  • 43% of teens say they would change their online behavior if they knew that their parents were watching them.
  • 55% of teens have given out personal information to someone they don’t know, including photos and physical descriptions.  

The problem is that most parents don’t know how to help their kids because they didn’t grow up with the internet, smartphones, and social media apps.

You need an easy, common-sense way to keep your kids safe on social media.

Digital Parenting: Protect Your Kids Online is the answer. 

Since 2009, Jaci Russo has traveled to schools around the country teaching workshops to parents to keep their kids safe on social media.  Now, she is taking her groundbreaking workshops online so you can get the information you need now before it’s too late for your kids.

You need to know how to guide your kids through the complicated and life altering world of social media. The potential for friendships lost, scholarships pulled, and even job opportunities denied from social media posts your kids thought were ‘private’ is too great a risk.

Their futures depend on your understanding and teaching them how to be responsible with their social media lives.

During this course You will learn the following

In depth look at the 9 biggest challenges facing kids on social media 

10 benefits of social media and how your kids can use these tools positively

Easy to use, common sense, 10-step system to keep your kids safe

You wouldn’t think of putting your child behind the wheel of your car without teaching them how to drive. You can’t put them behind the screen and expect them to do the right thing without proper mentoring and monitoring.

By the end of the course, you will understand the 10 Steps to Social Media Safety and be able to confidently guide your children to make smart choices on social media.

Jaci Russo is a social media expert and mother of 4. When social media sites first launched in 2008, Jaci was responsible for utilizing them for clients at her advertising agency. That led to Brand Buzz, a weekly talk show evaluating each social media app and advising businesses on how to connect with consumers. 

As her kids became interested in social media, Jaci realized the dangers and began workshops, in schools across the country, to keep kids safe online.

Course Curriculum

Includes "Protect Your Kids Online: Resources for Online Protection"

—  Social Media Contract
—  "Is My Child Ready For A Cell Phone?" Checklist
—  10 Steps to Keep Your Kids Safe on Social Media

Course Pricing

Digital Parenting: Protect Your Kids Online

$47 USD

  • Social media can be a very dangerous place, especially for your kids. This easy to use system will help you to protect your kids.

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We need more resources like Jaci Russo’s parent social media class that provide valuable information, authentic strategies, and helpful tips for parents.  Her experience and expertise are perfect to prepare our parents.  

Louise Chargois
Lafayette Parish School System 
I am excited by this class. This presentation was very helpful and informative.  After hearing you on KPEL I was impressed by your knowledge and energy.  

Steve H. 
Hi Jaci - I'm still getting rave reviews of your parent class at our school. Thanks for making me look good! Your handouts are still being circulated and used. If you ever need a reference for public speaking, please pass on my info. I wish you well.

Melanie R
PTO President 
First, let me say thank you for sharing your vast knowledge and experience in such an easy to understand way. I have been feeling outnumbered by my kids and “everyone else has it”. You have given me the resources to get control of the devices. Thanks so much!

Mary K. 
I really enjoyed the class and felt Jaci did a good job keeping me engaged and showing the relevant side of all social media options to protect my kids!

Stephanie M.   
The session gave me the tools to know what to expect and how to respond more aptly.

Angela Lee
East Baton Rouge Parish School System
I know you said in the class that we can’t go back to a simpler time but I still wish we could. At least I know better now how to protect my daughter. Thank you for your gift.

Amy B. 
Your parent social media class could not have come at a better time. It has been such a challenge for us to help parents to understand what we need to do together to help our kids. The online behaviors will improve now that we know how to help them.

Louise Herman
Principal, Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School  
Our school family received a gift when you spoke to our parents. We seem to all be on the same page now with how to protect our kids. Thank you.

Matt DeVoll
Principal, Blessed Sacrament School
This course was so beneficial. You can never get enough help in protecting our kids.

Noel Hammett
East Baton Rouge Parish School Board Member 
The class is great!  Monitoring my kids on Social Media initially seemed like an overwhelming task that required time that I didn't have.  The class has clearly shown me how to make the process efficient and focus on its meaningful use. 

Trish L. 
Thank you for traveling to Utah to speak to the parents at our schools.  Your knowledge and energy were exactly what we needed.  You tackled a number of tough subjects in a very easy way to understand.  Thank you for sharing your wisdom with our school community and helping us to help the parents.

Sister Catherine Kamphaus CSC Superintendent of Catholic Schools Diocese of Salt Lake City 
Now, when I hear that “everyone else is doing it”, I have the tools to know how to help my son do it the right way. I don’t like social media anymore than before I took this class but at least now I know how to monitor it better. Thank you.

Michael T.
I am so excited about the information we got with this class. Social Media is and should be  a part of our lives (we do some socializing, but there seems to be so much more). I now understand the whole concept of socializing thanks to you. Again thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Marvin H. 
It made it all easy to understand. Jaci's experience made this so relevant.

Kami McDonald
East Baton Rouge Parish School System
I couldn’t agree more with the lessons I learned in your online class about protecting kids on their devices and on social media. Sometimes I feel like I am the only parent out here by myself trying to keep these kids out of trouble. The parents that just want to be friends with her kids are letting them do things online that they will all regret later. Thank you for making me feel like I”m not crazy to be worrying.

Michelle S. 
I am still receiving rave reviews from the parents who attended your social media class.  The information was easy to understand, timely, and not intimidating. Thank you.

Betsy Hunt
Principal J. E. Cosgriff Memorial Catholic School