Empower your thought leadership videos with our expert coaching and cutting-edge remote production studio.

Ready to Meet Your Potential? 

You know your value, but making sure everyone else does is the key. It's time to connect with your audience, and we have the perfect solution. Immerse yourself in a transformative experience with our coaching and cutting-edge remote production studio, tailored to help you craft impactful, engaging, and persuasive thought leadership videos.

The influence of video has held us spellbound for over a century. The dynamic combination of images and words possesses such potency that even a concise thirty-second ad can inspire and deeply resonate. Well-produced videos rise above the noise, forging a meaningful connection with your target audience. Your videos will not only engage potential prospects but also nurture client relationships, offering an excellent avenue to showcase your expertise. Partnering with us means you can record once and share with thousands.

Reach your audience


of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.


hours of online video was watched, on average, by individuals in 2023.


of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service.

In today's landscape, you often have to establish credibility prior to formal introductions. Prospective clients explore your website before considering a meeting. A homepage video gives you the chance to show them who you are and showcase how you collaborate with clients—an invaluable chance to make a lasting first impression. Additionally, video content stands out as the most effective means to attract a broader audience and drive engagement, including likes, comments, and shares, on your social media platforms.

Whether your goal is to engage potential clients, convert leads, or nurture existing client relationships, we are here to help. In an era where competition across all industries is intensifying, delivering anything less than exceptional is not an option. We understand the importance of steering clear of generic, off-the-shelf videos. Through our personalized storytelling process, live coaching sessions, and careful editing, we deliver videos that make you look and sound great.

Rest assured, our solution won't come with the exorbitant price tag associated with Hollywood productions. Even Hollywood doesn't want to pay for Hollywood crews anymore. We understand your requirement for a cost-effective solution without sacrificing quality.

Our remote video studio allows us to record you in your office—eliminating the need for travel, additional crew, and expensive equipment. As a consultant, advisor, and expert in your field, you deserve a powerful way to share your knowledge with your target audience. We are committed to providing you with a powerful and budget-friendly way to showcase your expertise.

Craft Brilliance: Unleash your ideas with coaching and remote studio magic. 

Let’s discuss how we can make you look great

Create Coach Capture Convert


Create a calendar for you filled with insights, accompanied by a series of scripts designed to connect with your target audience. Our professional guidance ensures the selection of your most compelling topics, while we refine and polish your message.


Coach you to become a more effective speaker on camera, ensuring you feel comfortable while allowing your personality to shine through.


Capture you on camera remotely, while recording from the convenience of your home or office. Professionally edited videos with your logo, custom graphics, and rights-approved music will elevate your marketing to new heights.


Convert your prospective leads into clients and build your brand with not only strategic content — but the right content.

In a survey by Social Shepherd, 86% of marketing professionals reported that they used video as a marketing tool. 78% of those marketers felt videos have directly increased sales for their business. 86% said videos helped to boost traffic to their website. 

Let's Go!

With the convenience of joining a Zoom call, our online coaching process offers a straightforward approach to overcoming any reservations about being on camera. We handle the heavy lifting, collaborating with you to develop your content strategy and plan your messaging. Utilizing our remote production technology, we bring you into a virtual studio where we can direct, record, and produce content that presents you in the best light—both visually and audibly. 

The SalesSpark Studios Process:


Discovery call

We will guide you through a set of questions designed to showcase your knowledge and expertise.


Topic Calendar

A twelve-month calendar of topics will be developed.


Script Review

Your scripts will be written to sound as if they were written by you (if you were a great copywriter).


Equipment Delivery & Setup

A comprehensive kit, including remote software, tripod, phone holder, light, & microphone, is sent to ensure high-quality video production.


Practice Session

You will be guided through an online remote session & will learn to speak more effectively in front of a camera.


Guided Recording Session

It’s showtime! Using our remote video technology, we bring you into our virtual studio and coach you through the recording process.


Edit Session

We select the best parts of your recording and edit them into videos that will make you look great.


Review & Approve Video

Once complete, we'll send the videos to you for your review and approval.


Post & Promote

Upon approval, we will provide a link to the finished video for you to download and then upload to your website, YouTube channel, and social media platforms.


Attract New Business

These premium quality videos will serve as magnets attracting new business directly to you.

Elevate Your Ideas. Ignite Your Influence. 


of Internet Traffic in 2023
Came From Video

*Cisco, 2023 

SalesSpark Signature Video

This is the ideal video to use on your website to introduce yourself to your target audience.  Includes: Setup 

  • Equipment delivery and setup with light, stand, lavalier mic, software usage, and setup guide 
  • Planning session 
  • Script for a 1-2 minute video Guided practice  
  • Recording session 
  • Post-production editing of your video 
  • Single Video 
  • 1-2 minute finished video 
  • Supporting visuals including stock and fullscreen graphics 
  • Custom captions 
  • One-Time Investment of $3,997 

Sales Spark Memberships

The most effective way to build your audience is to consistently and authentically share your knowledge and expertise to nurture them and build your brand.


(billed quarterly or annually) 12 videos per year 


Equipment delivery & setup with light, stand, lavalier mic, software usage, and setup guide

Planning session

Custom scripts for twelve 1-2 minute videos

Guided practice sessions

Four live-coached recording sessions

Post-production editing of your videos

Twelve 1-2 minute videos over one year


(best deal)

(billed quarterly or annually)
 12 videos + 12 month promotion  

Includes benefits from Starter membership plus...

Website assessment + steps for improvement

Social media platform optimization

YouTube playlists + SEO

Social posts graphics & captions for each video  


(billed quarterly or annually) 24 videos per year

Includes benefits from Standard membership plus...

Vertical video series

Twelve 30-45 second videos for enhanced social media options

Designed for YouTube shorts, Instagram reels, Facebook stories


of People

turn to Video...

...to Learn More About

A Product or Service

* Animoto, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure! The SalesSpark Signature Video is perfect for one introduction video that tells your story in 1-2 minutes. Alternatively, we offer membership options with significant discounts if you're inclined to produce a year's worth of content.

For those opting to create a year's worth of content, we offer quarterly or annual autopay options. If we're collaborating on a single project, you'll receive an initial invoice for your account setup, with the remaining balance due upon receipt of your final video.

We use your device (iPhone, iPad, or computer) and send the rest of the gear you need straight to you. As soon as you sign up for SalesSpark Signature Video or the SalesSpark membership packages, we ship the gear you need including: a ring light, light stands with a phone mount, and a lavalier mic. Additionally, we provide guidance on the best practices for setup and usage. 

Yes! As soon as you complete the revision process, we’ll send you a downloadable link. You just click it and save the MP4 file to your computer. From there, you have the flexibility to upload it to YouTube, your website, and various social platforms.

The initial phase of our process involves collaborating with you to craft a topic calendar. Following our consulting session, you'll receive your custom topic list in spreadsheet form, with ideas assigned to each month. This flexible plan serves as a guide, ensuring you stay on track.

Through our coaching and practice sessions, we will learn which system works best for you. Whether you prefer using a script, which we can load into the in-app teleprompter for you to read, or if bullet points work better as prompts, we can incorporate those into the teleprompter to keep you on track. Another option is the Q&A video format, where we pose questions to cover all the planned points. After recording, we edit out the questions, selecting the most impactful parts of what you said and build your story.

Remote video shoots are cost-effective, time-efficient, and can be an effective way to create professional, ongoing video marketing content. But if adding the “WOW” factor is your main goal, we are more than happy to travel to you and shoot these videos in person.

No, the SalesSpark Signature Video is ideal for an overview website video, while the SalesSpark Memberships are designed for continuous social media content. You have the flexibility to choose one or both—many of our most successful clients opt for both options.

We do not offer discounts. Part of the equipment expense includes the utilization of our advanced software that we use in the remote studio to run your production. If you already have the tripod, ring light, and high-end lavalier mic and don’t need another set for our shoot, we won’t send it to you.   

Although the newest version of the iPhone has an excellent camera that will make you look awesome, it’s not necessary. You’ll need an iPad, laptop, or Android less than three years old, with up-to-date software, internet access, and a reliable working camera.