Marketing Review Packages

Want to make sure your marketing is really paying off?

Check out these BSU Review options. It's all about making sure your marketing works as hard as you do. Get a deep dive by a professional with decades of experience. An outside perspective can be the most illuminating. Let's get your business booming!

Website Review

We offer a special check-up for your website to help your small business stand out online. We'll tak a close look at how your website looks, how easy it is to use, what it says, how well it shows up in search engines, and if it's running smoothly and safely. After we're done, we'll give you some clear steps you can take to make your website better, connect with more customers, and help your business grow. 

Here's what we'll do for you:

Look and Feel Review:

We'll see if your site is attractive and simple to use. 

Words Check:

We'll make sure the words on your site are clear and interesting to visitors. 

SEO Check-Up:

We'll make sure your site is set up right to be found easily on search engines like Google. 

Speed Test:

We'll check if your site loads quickly on phones and computers, and works well in different web browsers. 

Safety Inspection:

We'll check that your site is secure and safe for visitors to use. 

Sales Check:

We'll look at how your site gets visitors to buy or contact you and suggest improvements.

Access for Everyone:

We'll make sure people with disabilities can use your site too.

After the check-up, you'll get:

A detailed report:

A breakdown of what we found and what it means. 

Clear next steps:

A list of the most important things to fix or improve on your site.

SEO Starter Plan:

Some tips on how to get your site noticed by search engines.

Speed Boost Plan:

Ideas on how to make your site faster and more responsive.

Safety Tips:

Recommendations on how to make your site more secure.

Content Plan: 

Advice on how to create content that attracts and engages visitors.

Investment: $399

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Social Media Review

Think of your social media as the online face of your business. Our detailed social media check-up is designed to boost your small business by making the most of your social media activity. We'll take a close look at what you're doing now, breaking it down piece by piece to give you practical tips and smart advice that fits with what you want to achieve for your business. 

Here's what you'll get from us:

A Full Review:

We'll look over your social media profiles, checking how often people interact with you, who's following you, the quality of your posts, and how often you post. 

Strategy Check:

We'll see if the way you're using social media is helping you meet your business goals.

Content Look-Over:

We'll evaluate how well your posts are doing, whether they're on target, and if they match your business's voice and message.

Profile Tips:

We'll give you advice on how to make your social media profiles better and more engaging on different platforms.

Progress Reports:

You'll get detailed updates on important stats to see how well you're doing and where you can get better. 

Custom Advice:

You'll get personalized tips and steps to take to make your social media more active and attractive to customers.

What you'll receive:

A Full Report:

A document that lays out what we found, including what's working, what's not, chances for growth, and any risks.

A Game Plan:

A clear strategy with immediate and long-term steps to boost your social media game.

A Posting Schedule:

An easy-to-use template to help you plan out your posts in advance. 

A How-To Guide:

A set of customized tips for keeping your social media on point.

Investment: $899

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Brand Review

Our Brand Check-Up is all about taking a close look at the different parts of your brand to make sure they all fit together well and tell your business's story effectively. We'll focus on the visuals, the words you use, and how you position yourself in the market to help you stand out and connect with the people you want to reach. 

Here's what we'll do for you: 

Brand Look-Over:

We'll review your logo, colors, fonts, and other visual parts of your brand.

Words Review:

We'll check out your brand's messages and style to see if they're clear and powerful. 

Audience Match: 

We'll see how well your brand hits the mark with the people you're trying to reach.

Consistency Check:

We'll make sure your brand looks and feels the same everywhere. 

Detailed Advice: 

You'll get in-depth feedback with clear steps on how to make your brand stronger. 

What you'll get:

A Brand Report:

A detailed breakdown of what's working and what could be better. 

Visual Review:

Thoughts on your logo, colors, and style, with tips for making them even better.

Message Plan:

A look at how effective your messages are, with ideas for making them sharper. 

A Clear Next Step:

A guide with steps on how to put our recommendations into action. 

Investment: $1299

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Materials Review

Our job is to look over your brochures, emails, flyers, sales sheets, proposals, and any other items you use to promote your business. We make sure they grab attention, fit well together, and match up with what you want your business to achieve.

Here's what you'll get from us:

A Full Look-Over:

We'll check out your marketing stuff to see if it's designed well, if the message is clear, and if it encourages people to take action. 

Content Check-Up:

We'll examine the words you use to make sure they're clear, sound like your brand, and are convincing. 

Visual Check:

We'll make sure that all your materials have a consistent look that matches your brand.

Strategy Review: 

We'll see if your materials are helping you meet your marketing goals. 

Tips for More Sales: 

We'll suggest ways to make your materials more likely to turn readers into buyers. 

Expert Advice: 

You'll learn the best ways to create each type of material and how to put those tips into practice. 

What you'll receive:

A Detailed Report:

A report that outlines what's good and what could be better with your marketing materials. 

A List of Tips:

A set of recommendations in order of importance for improving your materials.

Writing Guidelines:

Rules to follow to keep your future materials consistent and high quality. 

Design Tips:

Specific advice on making your materials look better and fit your brand. 

Templates and Samples: 

Where it makes sense, we'll give you templates or examples that show you the best way to do things. 

Investment: $1299

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Budget Review

We take a close look at how much you're spending on marketing and what you're doing with that money. Our goal is to give you a detailed review and practical tips to help you get more bang for your buck. This unbiased third-party review will provide real feedback without any bias towards any one platform. We look for the best solutions to reach your target audience.

Here's what we'll do for you:

Spending Review: 

We'll examine how you're splitting up your marketing budget. 

ROI Check-Up: 

We'll look at how well each marketing method is working, comparing what you spend to the results you get, and we'll point out where you can do better.

Cost-Cutting Look: 

We'll go through your marketing expenses to find where you can save money.

Channel Review: 

We'll figure out which marketing channels (like social media, ads, etc.) are working best for you and suggest where to put more of your money for the biggest impact. 

Campaign Review: 

We'll critically assess your marketing campaigns to see how much they're helping your business grow and recommend improvements.

Strategy Alignment:

We'll make sure your marketing budget matches up with your business goals and can change if needed when the market changes. 

Competitive Comparison: 

We'll compare your spending to industry norms and what your competitors are doing to see how you stack up.

What you'll get:

A Full Budget Report:

A report that lays out everything we find about your marketing budget and its effectiveness. 

Action Steps:

A list of recommendations in order of importance for tweaking your marketing strategies and reallocating your budget for better results. 

Ways to Save:

Suggestions on how to cut costs without losing marketing power. 

Optimization Plan:

Ideas for small changes to make your marketing work harder for you. 

Competitive Review:

An overview of where you stand next to competitors and advice on how to get ahead. 

Investment: $1999

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BSU Full Review

For a complete 360 review, we can perform all five of the BSU Reviews simultaneously:

• Website
• Social media
• Marketing
• Brand
• Budget  

Individually priced, they total $5895 but with the combined BSU Full Review, your investment is $5395 (save $500)

Ready to take your marketing to the next level and see real results? 

Don't miss this opportunity to fine-tune your approach and maximize your budget. Contact us today to schedule your BSU Marketing Review. Let's unlock the full potential of your marketing efforts and set your business on the path to greater success.

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Once we have completed your BSU Review, you are eligible to work with a BSU Brand Strategist on an ongoing basis.

BSU Brand Strategist

Having a Brand Strategist is your ally in the dynamic world of branding and marketing. Designed with small business owners in mind, our service offers a monthly touchpoint to evaluate, refine, and propel your branding and marketing efforts forward.  We use the BSU Reviews as a jumping-off point to guide you toward the implementation of the recommended improvements.

As your Brand Strategist, we provide expert insights and tailored advice that aligns with your business objectives. Our approachable branding experts partner with you to review your pinpoint opportunities for enhancement and devise actionable strategies to bolster your brand's resonance and reach. 

What's Included in the Brand Strategist Package:

Monthly Consultation Sessions:

One-hour monthly Zoom sessions to discuss developments, objectives, and strategic adjustments.

A collaborative environment to share and refine new ideas. 

Customized Actionable Strategies:

Practical, step-by-step guidance to implement branding and marketing improvements.

Suggestions tailored to both digital and traditional marketing avenues. 

Performance Monitoring: 

A review of key metrics and analytics to gauge the success of your strategies.

Regular reporting to track progress and return on investment. 

Monthly Marketing Course: 

A curated monthly course designed to enhance your marketing skills and knowledge.

Actionable content that you can apply directly to your business for immediate results. 

Branding Toolkit Access: 

Templates, guides, and industry best practices at your fingertips.

A selection of articles, case studies, and updates on the latest marketing trends. 

Ongoing Support:

Continuous support via email or chat for those quick questions or moments of need.

Accountability check-ins to help maintain momentum toward your branding objectives. 

Future Events:

Priority registration for future events.

Generous discounts for Brand State U events 

By having a Brand Strategist, you're not just getting info you could find on Google; you're getting someone with specific insights and experience to help you grow your brand and succeed month after month.

Investment: $750/mo

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