Mark Your Target to Target Your Market

How can you Identify Your Target Audience? Jaci Russo breaks down the demographics, psychographics, and generational insight you need to take aim.

Say that five times fast.

You haven’t heard that one before. You have heard “Cast a wide net,” which is one of those sayings that, like all good platitudes, sounds wiser than it really is. It’s applicable to fishing. It is not applicable to building a brand from scratch.

Think about it. You would not send an email, make a call, or shoot a text to someone you didn’t know. So why would your messaging be equally aimless    

Let’s try another platitude. If you plan your messaging before knowing who you’re talking to, you’re “putting the cart before the horse.” Everyone is not your audience. But who is your target audience?

It’s intimidating to consider. But when it comes to finding your target audience, there is data at your fingertips, data you can use to form the personality profiles that will inform what you do.

Consider the:
and Generational insight

as your digital marketing roadmap.

And that’s the difference between an uneducated guess and an informed decision.

Of course, you’re not talking to a data point.  Your audience is more than their age, gender, and income. But to get to their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, you have to know how to ask the right questions.

Does the average Gen Xer have the same wants, needs, and motivations as a millennial?

Does Gen Z’s sensibilities align with the average Boomer?

To put it even more simply, have you ever worn a one-size-fits-all outfit that ever looked good?

Your target audience is made up of individuals. Individual perspectives. Individual fears. Individual dreams. You want to get to know what messaging will resonate with them, and how to position your brand to them in the most effective way. Doing your research is also a sign of respect. You’re showing, not telling, that you get them.

That speaks volumes.

Sounds good? Good. You’re ready to dive in.

In my course, Focus: Identify Your Target Audience, I’ll break down all of the demographics, psychographics, and generational insight you need to:

Speak their language
Connect at their level
And, ultimately, boost sales.

Essentially, I’ll show you how to strategize so you can take aim.

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